Hair Cut, Color & Style

Cut & Style

Women’s Cut
Junior Stylist$45
Senior Stylist$60
Art Director$65
Master Stylist$75
Master Stylist II$85
Blow Dry Style
Junior Stylist$35
Senior Stylist$55
Art Director$55
Master Stylist$65
Master Stylist II$75
Men’s Cut
Junior Stylist$30
Senior Stylist$40
Art Director$45
Master Stylist$50
Master Stylist II$55
Men’s Color
Junior Stylist$35
Senior Stylist$45
Art Director$50
Master Stylist$55
Master Stylist II$60
Special Occasion Updo
Junior Stylist$55+
Senior Stylist$70+
Art Director$75+
Master Stylist$85+
Master Stylist II$95+
Junior StylistStylistSenior StylistArt DirectorMaster StylistMaster Stylist II
Women’s Cut $45$55$60$65$75$85
Blow Dry Style$35$45$55$55$65$75
Men’s Cut $30$35$40$45$50$55
Men’s Color$35$40$45$50$55$60
Special Occasion Updo $55+$65+$70+$75+$85+$95+

Please allow extra time for flat ironing hair past shoulders, drying curly hair straight, and blow drying straight hair.

Kid's Cut$30+
Fringe Trim$20
Neck Clean-up$20
Additional Styling$25
To existing appointment

Texture & Treatments

Natural Wave $80+
Based upon consultation. Consultation required.
Consultation Required
Hair Bond Rebuilder$45
Additional charge for step #3
Botanical Therapy Treatment (60 min)$60
Pramāsana™ Scalp & Hair Treatment (60 min)$60

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Botanical Therapy Treatment (60 min)$60
Using the power of 100% plant and flower essences, this breakthrough plant technology penetrates hair strands for intense moisture or repair with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acids, restoring balance to your hair and leaving strands soft and shiny.
Pramāsana™ Scalp & Hair Treatment (60 min)$60
This treatment creates the foundation for healthy hair by balancing sebum levels, preserving the scalp’s natural protective barrier and protecting the scalp from environmental aggressors. It features a unique scalp massage that increases circulation and a scalp masque that purifies and nourishes the scalp.
Pramāsana™ Express Treatment Add-on (15 min)$25
An express treatment designed to exfoliate, cleanse and protect the scalp.


Color Touch-up
Junior Stylist$55
Senior Stylist$65
Art Director$70
Master Stylist$75
Master Stylist II$80
All-over Color
Junior Stylist$65+
Senior Stylist$80+
Art Director$85+
Master Stylist$90+
Master Stylist II$95+
Partial Highlights
Junior Stylist$75+
Senior Stylist$90+
Art Director$95+
Master Stylist$100+
Master Stylist II$105+
Full Highlights
Junior Stylist$95+
Senior Stylist$110+
Art Director$115+
Master Stylist$125+
Master Stylist II$135+
Junior Stylist$140+
Senior Stylist$170+
Art Director$180+
Master Stylist$190+
Master Stylist II$200+
Based upon consultation
Bleach Re-touch
Junior Stylist$65
Senior Stylist$85
Art Director$90
Master Stylist$95
Master Stylist II$100
Junior StylistStylistSenior StylistArt DirectorMaster StylistMaster Stylist II
Color Touch-up $55$60$65$70$75$80
All-over Color$65+$75+$80+$85+$90+$95+
Partial Highlights$75+$85+$90+$95+$100+$105+
Full Highlights$95+$105+$110+$115+$125+$135+
Based upon consultation
Bleach Re-touch$65$75$85$90$95$100
Color Correction$150+
Based upon consultation
Splash Lights$40
Add-on up to 7 foils to color service.
Natural Beaded Rows Extensions
with certified artist using Bohyme® hair

+ Prices may vary based on length and thickness of hair.